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Farabi Talks

Continually in collaboration with Istanbul Medipol University, Farabi Talks is an independent education platform with the aim of training well English known entrepreneur university students. We are at the same time a member and signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. The platform is resistant to volunteer basis and is an independent organization. Within this context, we provide university students to graduate with equipped and wiser decisions by connecting them with experiences. Penetrating its third year, Farabi Talks is maintaining its events in collaboration with Istanbul Medipol University. It consists of 2 sessions. Every week, an expert guest gets invited and does a presentation on their exclusive fields. Furthermore, in the second session; students brainstorm on the headings from the first session. English is the language of the program and both sessions are done fully in English. Until this time, we have organized events over 35 and reached more than 7500 people directly. Our aim is, executing Farabi Talks as a world brand which is totally managed by university students.

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